Best Pricing and Valuation Strategies for Home Sellers in Canada

Best Pricing and Valuation Strategies for Home Sellers in Canada

Best Pricing and Valuation Strategies for Home Sellers in Canada

Saying goodbye to the place you have called home can a difficult thing to do. To make the experience better is to sell the home for a good price, ensuring that it falls in good hands. Here are some strategies you may find helpful when selling your property in Canada.

Online Websites for Valuing Your Home

When trying to find out the value of your home, online websites can be a good foundation. All you need to do is provide your address after searching for a valuation website online, and you will be displayed with results based on your home size and past sales in the area where your home is located. Bear in mind, these estimates about the value of your home may not always be correct.

Taking Help from Professionals

If you want to be sure of your home’s price, taking help from a real estate professional such as realtors or homebuyers is the best idea because of their vast knowledge regarding the subject matter. Contact Maxx Cash Home buyers for an appraisal regarding the value of your home today.

Value Range Pricing

Value range pricing is one of the best methods when it comes to pricing your home. The idea behind it is simple. Instead of a particular list price, you provide a range. For example, writing $285,000-$315,000 rather than just $300,000 when posting your home for sale.


There are several benefits of using value range pricing. Here are a few relevant for home sellers.


In many cases, the listed price for most houses is negotiable. This depends how much traction the listing gets and the number of bids a property gets. If the person selling the home gets multiple bids, the price may go up or vice versa if the buyers do not pay much attention to the listing. Value range pricing allows you to flexibility apparent to potential buyers.


One more benefit of value range pricing is the higher traffic generation that results from the variable price range. Most homebuyers search for a home using price as the first determinant, among others. Say, for example, a person searches for homes up to $400,000, and your house is listed at $410,000, the search will not show up your house. This would be unlucky for those willing to accept a slightly lower offer for their home.


Lastly, you can limit the lowest you will sell your house for by using a value range pricing approach. This saves a lot of time from offers that try to snag a deal for a price that you are not willing to sell your home.

Positives of Value Range Pricing for The Buyers

Value range pricing allows home buyers to consider a lot more options than they usually would. Moreover, sellers are more confident offering lower prices – if they are in range –they would otherwise as some people are shy of offering below the list price.

Should You Go for Value Range Pricing?

When determining your home’s selling price, value range pricing can be helpful in markets where there is not a lot of demand for properties. In case the demand for your properties in your area is high, offering a range of prices can be redundant.


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