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Learn How to Sell Your Inherited House Quickly

Learn How to Sell Your Inherited House Quickly

Learn How to Sell Your Inherited House Quickly

Selling inherited property is not only a strenuous job, but it is also an emotionally challenging one; apart from dealing with the paperwork and market listing of the property, you also have to deal with the loss of a loved one or a relative. In times like these, it becomes pretty challenging to think about how to sell your inherited house quickly.

Learn How to Sell Your Inherited House Quickly

Check with the Deceased Person’s Will

It is essential for you to check with the deceased person’s will before you decide to sell your inherited house. There are many cases in which the house may belong to you and another beneficiary. This means that you solely cannot make a decision to sell the home. However, suppose the will dictates that you are the sole beneficiary of the property. In that case, you may proceed to sell your inherited house.

In other cases, some family members assume that they will inherit the house once the owner dies. However, this is only true if the will does not exist. Hence, you need to check if the deceased owner of the house did or did not leave behind a will.

Set Up a Probate or Hire a Probate Attorney

If there is a deceased person’s will in the equation, you will have to set up probate with the court. This task may be challenging to do on your own, especially if you have less or no knowledge about how court proceedings work. In that case, consider hiring a probate attorney to smooth out the process.

Clear All Dues & Taxes

The last stage before selling your inherited house is to clear out all your dues. You should take care of any remaining instalments, mortgages, taxes, or payments of any sort before putting the house up on the market.

Choose a Home Selling Method

Finally, to sell your inherited house, you have to decide on a method. This could be a realtor, a real estate agency, or even a public listing.

However, if you want to sell your inherited house quickly, your best bet is a home buying company. Most home buying companies take less than a week to sell your property. You won’t have to wait months and entertain demanding house buyers who would undervalue your property to get their way.

A well-reputed home buying company can give you a good cash offer on your inherited home and take it off your hands in no time. You can have a good chunk of liquefied assets to your name instead of a house you probably don’t need or can’t maintain.

We Can Help!

If you are looking for a stress-free method to sell your inherited house and not deal with house buyers, then Maxx Cash Home Buyers can help! Their professional team is quick and knows the real estate market like the back of their hands. Call Maxx Cash Home Buyers Today!

How can a Home Buying Company help sell my house privately in Calgary

How can a Home Buying Company help sell my house privately in Calgary?

How can a Home Buying Company help sell my house privately in Calgary?




Selling a house privately on your own in Calgary, Alberta, can be a challenging job. Luckily, a well-established home buying company can reduce the stress and risk of selling a property in today’s highly saturated real estate market.

How can a Home Buying Company help sell my house privately in Calgary

If you’ve ever asked, who can help sell my house in Calgary? Then this guide is for you:

A Home Buying Company Keeps Things Simple

Hiring a home buying company for selling a house privately can save you both time and money. The process is relatively simple. The home buying company takes care of all the legal paperwork, while you just have to think about handing over the property from your end. However, you’ll have to ensure that there are absolutely no due payments on the house.

You don’t Have to be Wired to Your Phone 24/7

With a home buying company looking after the homebuyers, you don’t have to entertain any direct calls. Listing your property with a real estate agent or any other public forum can be a nuisance. Choosing a home buying company is a great option, especially if you are looking for a method that requires the least amount of active involvement from your end.

Home Buying Companies Work Fast

Real estate companies usually take several months and sometimes even up to a year to sell a property. However, home buying companies are as quick as three days and do not make you wait as long for payments. Home buying companies usually deal in cash, allowing them to complete the task faster than other home selling methods.

You’ll have to Sell for Under Market Value

One of the most crucial things you’ll have to consider while opting for a home buying company is that they often buy properties for less than what you would get in the market. The price they offer will not be significantly low; however, it is fair based on the hassle-free house selling service they provide in return.

Say Goodbye to Dealing with Demanding Housebuyers

There is nothing worse than attending calls where homebuyers become increasingly demanding through their offers and negotiations. Not only is it mentally draining, but it is also a waste of your time.

Homebuyers will constantly try to undervalue your property so that they can get a good price for it. With a home buying company at your disposal, you won’t have to deal with any of this.

Your House Can Serve as a Liquid Asset

There could be a situation where you need cash to settle another payment or a problem that needs to be straightened with your funds. A property that is tied up in the market can take months to liquidate. A home buying company can offer direct cash payments, becoming a quick source of liquid assets.


Home buying companies in Calgary, Alberta, can help you sell your property fast with their expertise, professionalism, and knowledge of the real estate market. Do not hesitate to reach out to Maxx Cash Homebuyers today!

Best Pricing and Valuation Strategies for Home Sellers in Canada

Best Pricing and Valuation Strategies for Home Sellers in Canada

Best Pricing and Valuation Strategies for Home Sellers in Canada

Best Pricing and Valuation Strategies for Home Sellers in Canada

Saying goodbye to the place you have called home can a difficult thing to do. To make the experience better is to sell the home for a good price, ensuring that it falls in good hands. Here are some strategies you may find helpful when selling your property in Canada.

Online Websites for Valuing Your Home

When trying to find out the value of your home, online websites can be a good foundation. All you need to do is provide your address after searching for a valuation website online, and you will be displayed with results based on your home size and past sales in the area where your home is located. Bear in mind, these estimates about the value of your home may not always be correct.

Taking Help from Professionals

If you want to be sure of your home’s price, taking help from a real estate professional such as realtors or homebuyers is the best idea because of their vast knowledge regarding the subject matter. Contact Maxx Cash Home buyers for an appraisal regarding the value of your home today.

Value Range Pricing

Value range pricing is one of the best methods when it comes to pricing your home. The idea behind it is simple. Instead of a particular list price, you provide a range. For example, writing $285,000-$315,000 rather than just $300,000 when posting your home for sale.


There are several benefits of using value range pricing. Here are a few relevant for home sellers.


In many cases, the listed price for most houses is negotiable. This depends how much traction the listing gets and the number of bids a property gets. If the person selling the home gets multiple bids, the price may go up or vice versa if the buyers do not pay much attention to the listing. Value range pricing allows you to flexibility apparent to potential buyers.


One more benefit of value range pricing is the higher traffic generation that results from the variable price range. Most homebuyers search for a home using price as the first determinant, among others. Say, for example, a person searches for homes up to $400,000, and your house is listed at $410,000, the search will not show up your house. This would be unlucky for those willing to accept a slightly lower offer for their home.


Lastly, you can limit the lowest you will sell your house for by using a value range pricing approach. This saves a lot of time from offers that try to snag a deal for a price that you are not willing to sell your home.

Positives of Value Range Pricing for The Buyers

Value range pricing allows home buyers to consider a lot more options than they usually would. Moreover, sellers are more confident offering lower prices – if they are in range –they would otherwise as some people are shy of offering below the list price.

Should You Go for Value Range Pricing?

When determining your home’s selling price, value range pricing can be helpful in markets where there is not a lot of demand for properties. In case the demand for your properties in your area is high, offering a range of prices can be redundant.


If you are still confused about anything in this blog, get help from us by calling or visiting our website at

How to Ascertain the Value of Your Home as A Home Seller in Calgary

How to Ascertain the Value of Your Home as A Home Seller in Calgary

How to Ascertain the Value of Your Home as A Home Seller in Calgary

How to Ascertain the Value of Your Home as A Home Seller in Calgary

If you are contemplating selling your house, it is imperative to learn the best ways to determine the estimate. its value so that you can obtain a market-competitive price for your home. Here are four ways to gauge the value of your home as a Home Seller in Calgary.


Online Valuation Tools



If you want a fast estimate of how much your house is worth, the best way to do so is to go online and search “how much is the worth of my house?” Search results will show up several websites that estimate home value. These tools are called automated valuation models (AVM), usually operated by lenders and real estate website owners. The metrics employed for determining your home value include mathematical modeling and public records of previous sales. Moreover, the latest sales and listing information in your area influence the final prediction. This is one of the fastest ways to determine home value, although it may not always be correct.

Comparative Market Analysis

An alternative way to determine your home value is to take help from a real estate agent and who will draw up a comparative market analysis (CMA). Using the information about the real estate market and houses, the agent provides you with a value that he considers right for your home. Mostly, CMAs are utilized by realtors when they are going to list your home for selling purposes. It reflects the specific features of your house and compares them to similar properties in other areas to come up with a final value.

Taking Help from a Home Appraiser

Hiring an appraiser is another way of getting an accurate figure of what your house is worth. The appraiser will evaluate information about your property, the market, and other similar properties to write an official report comprising of your property’s value, among other things. This is a great option though it could be costly for some people.

Using Comparable Properties

One last way of determining your home value is to assess the sale of recent properties that are comparable to your property. When thinking of the properties to include in your estimate, ask yourself what a potential buyer looks when the property isn’t up for sale.


Only consider properties that have similar condition, location, and size. Get sales figures for three such properties, which will help you determine the selling price of your home. The next step is to adjust for differences between your home and the ones you are comparing to. An example is comparing the number of bedrooms in your house and the tone you’re considering.


Another thing is to consider the condition of your exterior. Add or subtract these differences and then take the value of the house sold for the most money and the least money. Somewhere in this range is an estimate for the value of your home. This option could be tricky to perform and does consider some guesswork.


If this information is confusing, too complicated, or time-consuming, get in touch with Maxx Cash Homebuyers. They will assist you every step of the way to come up with a reliable estimate of your home’s worth.

Answers to FAQs for People Willing to Sell Their Homes in Calgary and Other Cities of Canada

Answers to FAQs for People Willing to Sell Their Homes in Calgary and Other Cities of Canada

Answers to FAQs for People Willing to Sell Their Homes in Calgary and Other Cities of Canada


Selling your home can be an emotional ride, especially if you have worked day and night to earn it. Therefore, you need to make sure that everything is done correctly. To do so, educate yourself on the multitude of factors that go into selling a home, mainly if you sell a property for the first time.


What Can A Realtor Do for Me?




A realtor can assist you through multiple facets of the process when you decide you sell your home. They will help you determine the best time to sell your house and help you list it on various online websites, helping you with anything you need in between.



Value addition is something that a realtor can also help you with as they are selling homes and properties in Calgary and other parts of Canada. Other areas you can benefit from by having a realtor on your side are the determination of sale price, arrangement of auctions, and taking care of the paperwork. Check here all the FAQs about Sell Their Homes in Calgary.




What Are Costs Associated with Selling A Home?




There are several things to consider when selling your home in Calgary or any other city in Canada that can influence the final cost. These costs can then be further divided into standard and potential fees.




A statement of adjustment, mortgage discharge fee, and any additional legal services used will make up the standard costs of selling your home in Canada. Fees paid for a mortgage discharge take away collateral hold on your home if any. Other potential expenses may include moving expenses, cleaning, staging, and the costs of hiring a real estate agent. There may be times where you may have to pay mortgage penalties when selling the home before the term of the mortgage ends.




Can I Sell the House Myself?




Unquestionably, you can sell your home by yourself, and a lot of people do so. The advantages are apparent as you do not have to worry about anyone interfering. You save a decent chunk of money that would otherwise go to realtors and other individuals involved in the selling process. 




However, before selling your home in Canada, it is best to find out if you due for a “conditional sale.”




What Is A Conditional Sale?




As the name implies, a conditional sale is when you receive an offer for your home dependent on set circumstances, which can be one or multiple. These conditions must be satisfied if the buyers are to purchase your home from you. Some of the situations where a buyer can withdraw his purchase request include: 



  •          Inspection: If the person willing to purchase your home is not satisfied with the inspection;
  •          Mortgage Approval: If the purchaser is unable to obtain a mortgage agreement;
  •          And Current Property: If the purchaser is unable to sell their current property.




What Documents Do You Need to Hand over to Your Homebuyer?




When selling your home in Canada, it is good to look at various documents that will need to hand over to the buyer of the property. These include deeds and surveys, warranties that could be transferred, renovation contracts, and the tax receipts for the property.




In case you need further help regarding the sale of your home, contact Maxx Cash home buyers, who may also turn out to be the ones who purchase your home.