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Free Home Evaluation in Calgary and Surrounding Areas

Learn About Different Property Values in Calgary And Other Parts of Canada

Learn About Different Property Values in Calgary And Other Parts of Canada

Property appraisals help a variety of people. Firstly, it makes sure that the property taxes paid by everyone are the correct amount. Secondly, people looking at properties for sale in Calgary can use this information to make a better decision, whether it is regarding the buying or selling of residential properties. 

Free Home Evaluation in Calgary and Surrounding Areas


How Are Properties Valued in Calgary?

The evaluation of your property value dependent upon the assessment of sold properties analogous to your property in the area you reside in. This method of property evaluation is known as the sales comparison approach. The majority of residential properties in Calgary are appraised with the sales comparison method to arrive at the market value. Finally, the allocation of municipal taxes is defined through these annual property value assessments.


Effect of Value Assessment on Taxes


The valuation of your property determines the amount of taxes you must pay compared to other properties in Calgary. You multiply the value of the property you own with the tax rate established, taking the City Council’s help. It provides you with the figure of your property tax.


Factors Affecting Residential Property Value


The appraisal of your property depends on several factors, including but not limited to your neighborhood, in the year you constructed your home, and subsequent renovations or improvements.


Here we have mentioned the four most important elements that determine the value of properties in Calgary.


1. The location of the property
2. Size
        The area covered;
        The size of the building;
3. Structure type
        Specification of the home (i.e., it is a 2-story home, a bungalow, etc.);
        Attached or detached;
4. Other considerations
        View available from the property such as mountains or rivers insight;
        The availability of greenery;
        Proximity to commercial areas, traffic points, and multi-family properties and so on.


Property Valuation Websites


Suppose you are looking at properties for sale in Calgary, considering a residential property yourself or just want to have a better idea of what your property is worth for tax purposes, regardless of the reason. In that case, there are plenty of websites that help estimate your home’s worth. To do it yourself, use a search engine such as Google and type something along the lines of: “How much my home is worth.” This will provide you results of several websites that help ascertain the value of your home.


These websites utilize information from recent sales and tax appraisals to come up with house value estimates and provide a figure of how much properties in Calgary and other parts of Canada are worth. The additional factors taken into consideration are the market conditions now, physical house characteristics, and your house’s location.




These websites could provide a great foundation for people trying to learn about their property’s value as they do not cost a dime in most cases. However, sometimes these estimates are not particularly correct. In such cases, you can take help from home buyers such as Maxx Cash home buyers. By using the information you provide, we will evaluate the value of your home on the same day.

Wondering How to Sell That Ugly House Fast

Wondering How to Sell That Ugly House Fast?

Wondering How to Sell That Ugly House Fast?

These Pro Tips Will Help You Sell Ugly House Quickly!

Do you want to know how to sell an ugly house fast?

Perhaps you’re experiencing financial difficulties and need money right away. Or maybe you want to live in another location. Whatever the reason, you know that it’s not easy to sell a house in poor condition. If you’re looking to sell that ugly house, read these seven tips that will help you sell quickly.

Wondering How to Sell That Ugly House Fast

How to Sell an Ugly House?

Yes, selling an ugly house can be challenging. But it’s not impossible. To increase the chances of a successful sale, take note of the following tips.

1. Highlight the Positives

To sell your ugly house, you should highlight the positives. If your home is in a superb location, you may want to mention that. Some buyers may want to live in your particular area but don’t have enough money to buy an expensive house.

You can also include furniture or appliances in the home’s purchase price. Although your house doesn’t have the best condition or appearance, you can still attract buyers by highlighting certain desirable features to your prospective homebuyers. Show the best parts of your home in photos and enumerate them in the listing description.

2. Don’t Hide the Flaws

There’s a tendency to downplay the negative features when selling a house. You can certainly do that; however, based on our years of experience, hiding will not serve you well.

Be direct and upfront about your home’s problem areas.

Most buyers will thoroughly inspect the house before deciding on purchasing it because they want to know what they will need to fix before making an offer.

3. Give Your Home a Quick Upgrade

Unless you’re selling a house that has been fire or water damaged, there are some quick upgrades that you can do.

A fresh coat of paint, new window screens, re-stained cabinetry, or new landscaping can give your home a facelift that can potentially add thousands of dollars to your asking price.

4. Price Smart

If you want to sell your ugly house fast but plan to list your property at top dollar in the market, you should reconsider.

Pricing correctly can make months of difference in the time it takes to sell. It’s advisable to know property values in your city or neighbourhood. That said, you should also take into account repair and renovation costs.

Before listing your house for sale, do a realistic assessment of what potential homebuyers might offer. Remember, a high price may discourage buyers, but a reasonable price or a listing on the lower end can help sell that ugly house faster.

5. Be Open to Concessions

When selling a house in poor condition, buyers may negotiate certain things after making the initial offer due to findings based on home or property inspection reports.

For example, they may want you to shoulder the cost of repairs for certain upgrades by reducing the final amount or want you to pay for the real estate agent’s commission. Don’t be discouraged. Such concessions are part of the negotiating process. Plan, in advance, what kind of concessions you are comfortable with. In doing so, you’ll be in a better position to negotiate.

6. Be Patient

Selling your ugly house will take longer when compared to selling a move-in-ready home. You have to be patient because finding a buyer for a fixer-upper house may be more difficult than the buyer who doesn’t need to remodel or renovate before moving in. So be patient and realistic about the whole situation.

7. Look for an Alternative

Did you know that you don’t have to spend your valuable time listing in the MLS, make costly repairs, renovate, or wait months or years to sell an ugly house?

There’s an easier way!

If you want to sell right away, many real estate investment firms and home buying companies willing to buy your house as-is.

MAXX buys ugly houses!

That’s right. We buy houses in Calgary, and we are also popular as Airdrie home buyers, and we also purchase homes for cash in Chestermere, and we also buy houses in Okotoks, Alberta.

We buy and sell ugly houses all the time.

We buy ugly, and then we spend time and money renovating them and putting ugly houses turned beautiful and move-in ready for sale. We turn an ugly house into a lovely home for the next buyer, saving you time and money and sparing you from all those sleepless nights and frustrations.

Buying and selling houses privately is our profession. So, sell your ugly house fast with the help of MAXX Cash Home Buyers.

We can seal the deal in three days or less. That’s right. The majority of the time, we provide you cash offers on the spot and usually within 3 days or less.

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