Guide to Selling Your Home Online

Guide to Selling Your Home Online

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Selling your house online can be a risky job, Especially if you’ve never done it before. While the internet has many potential buyers, who can help you sell your house fast, there are some untrustworthy people out there. Hence, it is essential for you to have a lay of the land before you start selling your home online.

Here is a rundown of what you need to do to sell your house in Calgary:

Inspect Your Home

Before beginning the entire process to sell your house in Calgary, it is vital for you to give your home a thorough inspection. Go from room to room and check on important things like walls, bathrooms, pipes, door handles, and flooring, etc. before putting your house up for selling. Moreover, ensure that you settle all dues and payments on the house.

Paint, Plaster, & Fix

Suppose you found any torn-off wallpaper, cracked paint, non-functional doorknobs, or leaky pipes, it’s time for you to call a handyman. Your house should be fully functional before you put it up for sale, online or otherwise. Getting a fresh coat of paint is an excellent way to go as it can help you secure a good offer on the house.

Take Professional Photos

Professional-looking photos are super important when you are trying to sell your house online. Each picture needs to make your house look appealing. Ensure that the pictures do not capture any apparent flaws because they can give the buyer something to negotiate a lower price.

Research on Legitimate Property Selling Platforms

As mentioned earlier, many online platforms buy and sell properties in Canada. Always pick a platform after reading reviews or successful client stories. If a platform seems shady or doesn’t have updated reviews, steer clear of it. Here are some platforms you can try: Realtor Canada, RE/MAX, Dupropio, Century 21 Canada, etc.

Post an Advertisement

Once you’ve decided on a platform, post your advertisement. Choose clear wordings on your ad that go well with the pictures that you’ll upload. If your house has some good qualities, make sure you boldly highlight them to attract buyers.

Consider a Home Buying Company

A home buying company can be helpful if you want to take a cash offer on the house. Home buying companies in Calgary are stress-free and save you from negotiations with demanding buyers. In turn, they can make a smooth cash offer on your house, sometimes in less than 3-4 days. If quick asset liquidation is your goal, then there is no harm opting for a home buying company over an independent buyer.


Even though there are several online options for you to choose from, home buying companies in Calgary can help you sell your house privately and save you on a ton of other costs. With their expertise, professionalism, and real estate market knowledge, you can sell your house fast in less than five days. Do not hesitate to reach out to Maxx Cash Home Buyers today!