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How to sell your own home privately in Calgary?


If you want to sell your own home privately in Calgary, there are many options you can look into. When you want to sell your own home, the first task on the list is ensuring all taxes and due payments are settled before you begin the selling process.

How to sell your own home privately in Calgary

Here are few ways you can sell your home privately in Calgary

Do Your Research

There are many houses for sale in Alberta, and one of them could be yours. Selling your house privately requires a bit of research from your end. Navigating through the internet and newspapers can help you find buyers interested in private sale homes in Calgary, Alberta.

Research can help you set a price for your house by looking at similar houses on the market. Looking at other similar listings will stop you from undervaluing your home, giving you a chance to get a good offer on it.

Prepare Your House

Apart from your research on private sale homes, you need to prepare your house. Inspect your property for any damages and patch them up before any interested buyers come for a visit. This could include a paint job, leaky pipes, or anything in general that messes up the appearance and functionality of the house.

Putting up a good front will help you get a good offer on your home. Well-kept houses usually get demand offers while places with visible issues require forceful negotiation to sell.

Get Your Documents Lined Up

It would be best to get your sales documents ready before looking for buyers to sell your house privately. Not having the correct legal documents can become an issue if you, a buyer, show up the first time you post about your property. Legal sale documents are proof of your sale and can be helpful in your future dealings with your bank.

Contact a Home Buying Company

Opting for a home buying company can make things significantly more manageable for you. A home buying company can sell your house privately while saving you the headache of dealing with demanding buyers. It is a stress-free way to quickly sell your own house without dealing with most of the processes.

Home buying companies can save you realtor fees in Alberta and get you great cash offers from buyers interested in houses for sale in Alberta. This is a great option, especially if you want to sell your home fast for cash.


Even though there are several options for you to choose from, home buying companies in Calgary can help you sell your house privately and save you realtor fees in Alberta. With their expertise, professionalism, and knowledge of the real estate market, you can sell your own home in less than a week. Do not hesitate to reach out to Maxx Cash Home Buyers today!